A Mother’s Touch

images (9)When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things was when my mother would play with my hair. Just her touch would feel better than anything I knew in my life. I never forgot that feeling. As I grew up and moved away from home, I always yearned for it.

Later in life, during my visits home, I would seek an opportunity to lay my head in her lap hoping that she would just stroke my hair for a few minutes. Her touch still felt comforting in an indescribable way and would take me back to those moments in my childhood.

My mother never knew how powerful those touches were or how they comforted me like a warm blanket throughout my life.


The Art of Gratitude

“Now and then it’s good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

The past couple of months have been filled with uncertainty; several life changes including a cross-country move, a new job, and exploring life in a big city have contributed to an emotional rollercoaster. This past week, everything came to a head as I began to experience a prolonged attack of stress-induced nausea and loss of appetite. After feeling crummy for a couple of days, I caught myself getting wrapped up in feeling sick. I took a moment to pause and think about all of the things I’m thankful for. My loving family, amazing husband and kids, thoughtful friends, watching the sunrise, and the opportunity to explore a new city all immediately came to mind.


I learned a lot from Tom Hanks and Shelley Long

The weather, as of late, has really sucked the life out of the whole house selling/buying process. Seems nobody wants to bundle up to brave sub-zero temperatures and troop through several feet of snow to come check out our digs, and I don’t blame ‘em, seeing as I don’t want to reach out the front door and grab the mail let alone go look at houses.

But this weekend saw the temperature hovering around the -10 mark (as opposed to -25), so we jumped on the opportunity to have an open house. After we got home from swimming lessons yesterday morning we put Oliver to bed, set Julia up with a snack and a movie and got our cracker asses to work making the house look less like a barn and more like a desirable single-family dwelling. We left armed with juice-filled sippy cups, various Ziploc baggies full of dry cereal, small change for coffee and a list of open houses that we wanted to hit ourselves.


If This Is Being An Adult, Count Me Out!

Wow, today has been hectic and I’ve not even been at work. Last night I went to bed fairly early because I had some sorting out to do with the bank.0007 GI_57449245 Why? Because I’m an idiot. I managed to pay my monthly credit card bill twice for some reason and normally I wouldn’t care, because hey, that balance needs to be cleared. But it’s June people. I don’t have the money to be paying for things twice right now – places to go, people to see. So being the idiot that I am, I grovelled to the bank and they told me to ring back first thing today to get the second payment recalled. And this is why I went to bed early last night, so I could be up at 9 am to beg the bank for my money back. After 2 minutes on the phone the cash was back in my account. OK, well that was easy.


You don’t win friends with salad

IS497-311My husband is one of the pickiest adult eaters I have ever met. The list of things he doesn’t eat is longer than the list of things he does and there are many foods that he refuses to touch despite the fact that they have never passed his lips before, ever.

Simply put, Dave likes his starches. Pasta, rice, crusty Italian bread, potatoes, pizza…and I don’t blame him, but he doesn’t balance those starches out with anything else. He’s a meat n’ potatoes but hold the veggies kinda guy. He does eat a select few vegetables and watching him eat them is almost comical: he eats them first, very quickly, in order to get them over with so he can throw himself into the meat and the starches, those sweet, sweet succulent starches.


How Did We Get To This Point?

200368993-001It’s almost January. Sorry, let me repeat. It’s almost January. How did this happen exactly? I’m completely flabbergasted (yes, I just used that word) as to how we’ve managed to speed through 12 months of the year without blinking. As I sit down and write this I’m trying to think of what has happened this year, if it’s changed me, if I’ll remember it in a few years time. Has this year has a significant impact on my life? It definitely had, so let’s take a closer look.

  • In January I realized that I needed to get my ass into gear with regards to my secondary education. I was sick of leaving assignments until the last minute, and getting incredibly stressed out about it. Did it happen? Did I change my ways? Well, I managed to swing a placement at a local GED facility which I soon realized was a complete and utter disappointment – and I eventually got to follow an online GED program provided by a website named MyCareerTools. I managed to get better organized and they made learning fun again. Great course, actually one of the best choices I’ve made this year!


Coming Out Of The Closet…

… the bloggy closet that is!

In the short time I’ve been a resident of the blogosphere I started to find myself (generally speaking, but not always) becoming more drawn to the bloggers I could attach a face to.  For me, it just adds a level of personalization; therefore, easier to make a connection with.  It’s always nice to put a face with a name; or in bloggyland, a face with an alias, or a title, or whatever.

So with that being said, I’ve decided to slightly expose myself.  Whoa whoa whoa… simmer down home slice.  Let’s not get too excited here.  I just meant I’m going to allow you to see the face behind this sassy little Mommy2¢ blog.

I don’t think you all appreciate how big of a deal this is for me.  I’m about 97.8% sure I probably have a couple of stalkers out there somewhere in the world.  That’s the kinda stuff you can come to expect when you live an average everyday life in the mid-west.  Can you say – walking target?!


Username and Password… Please.


Have you ever had one of those dreams that were so real you woke up the next morning and it ruined your whole day? …Or maybe just part of the day?

Well, this morning I woke up one pissed off wife thanks to an all too vivid dream I had last night.  Logically, I know it was just a dream… hell, I didn’t even know the slut… but it was so real, that I actually woke up with a pit in my stomach.  I couldn’t even look at that cheatin bastard without wanting to roundhouse heel kick him right in the junk.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I couldn’t help it.  I was a woman scorned… by a dream!  Oddly enough though, the fact that he cheated on me wasn’t even what really had my panties in a wad.  No!  It was the fact that he chose that whore over me and the kids after I busted him.  What a dick!  And that’s the last thing I remember before I woke up.

Even though hubs was severely suffering for a crime he didn’t actually commit; he still found it to be quite amusing. Mr. 2-Timer thought it was hilarious to eff with me all morning because of it (which irked me even more).


Unfashionably Late

My girl Jill, author of Mommy Inconsistent, was awesome enough to award me with this award…

back in November, and I’m just now getting around to passing it on.  I’m such a slacker!  Between the holidays and the lack of brain cells that help me remember things, I totally shit the bed on passing this award on in an appropriate amount of time.  Jill, I apologize.  Please don’t think it was because I didn’t appreciate it.  I love awards!
So anyway, the rules for this award (if you choose to accept it) are as follows:
~ Share 7 things about yourself;
~ Pass the award along to 15 bloggers you love reading;
~ Contact your cho­sen bloggers to let them know about the award!
My 7 things:
I did this as a kid, and still do to this day!  It’s dark down there.  And hey, you never know!
Especially when you’re about 96.4% sure that somewhere out there you might have a stalker or two!


This Is Where All The Magic Happens…

I finally drug my sick lazy bum off my couch in order to write this post so I could link up with Jennifer over at Just Jennifer for her “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” link up.


Upon first reading the title of her link up… for a second there… I thought freaky Jen might be talking about our dirty bits or something (I’m sure that wasn’t her intent at all in choosing that title); but then I quickly realized she was just referencing the place we all plant ourselves to get our bloggy on.

I wish I had some place amazing to show off that would explain the inspiration behind my bloggy genius.  You know, like this…


Actually, on second thought… you were probably envisioning some place a little more like this weren’t you…


Either way, my bloggy spot… unfortunately… is pretty boring.  It’s not even as cool as the toilet aquarium.  Nope!  It’s just my kitchen.


Yup… my boring ol kitchen.  That’s where all the magic happens.  Notice that big cup of water I have sitting on the left of my computer.  That’s my attempt at tricking forcing myself into drinking water each day.